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DiscGolfCenter.com Site News (archives)
07.10 Thursday - The Aerobie Arrow and Epic have been restocked and are ready to ship.
07.09 Wednesday - The new 2014 US Am Championship Z-Line Glo Flag Dyed Buzzz have arrived. Get one before they are gone.
07.08 Tuesday - The MVP restock is complete, including the Amp.
07.07 Monday - The new Keep Calm and Disc On towels from Dynamic Discs are in stock and ready to ship.
07.02 Wednesday - Just in: A limited run of Fuzion Air Escapes from Dynamic Discs. Get one before they get away.

Southeastern Amateur Championships

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innova archangel
Latitude 64 Gold Line River - $16.99
Dynamic Discs Lucid Air Escape - $14.99
Latitude 64 Diamond
Innova DX Leopard - $7.99
Golden Retriever
Discraft Buzzz D-Line - $7.99


Krait GStar
Gstar TeeBird3 - $15.99
Roc3 Champion
GStar Destoyer - $15.99
Dart GStar
GStar Rhyno - $15.99
TeeBird Echo Star
Echo Star TeeBird -$14.99


Z-Line Crank
Big Z Line (Pearly) Crank - $13.99
Big Z Line (Pearly) Drone - $13.99
Z-Line Meteor
Big Z Line (Pearly) Nuke - $13.99
X-Line Nuke
Big Z Line (Pearly) Mantis - $13.99

Dynamic Discs

Lucid Witness
Lucid Witness - $14.99
Lucid Verdict
LE Lucid Air Truth - $16.99
Bio Fuzion Fugitive
Classic Blend Huk Lab Warden - $14.99
Tournament Stag
First Run Lucid Enforcer - $14.99

Latitude 64

Opto Line Villain
Decodye Gold Line Missilen - $29.99
Gold Line Saint Pro
Opto Line Scythe - $14.99
Zero Line Hard Mace
Zero Line Medium Dagger - $12.99
Tournament Warship
Zero Line Hard McCabe Mercy - $15.99

Westside Discs

BT Soft Swan
BT Medium Harp - $10.99
VIP World
Tournament Hatchet - $16.99
Tournament King
VIP Air Sword - $14.99
Tournament Warship
VIP Sorcerer - $14.99

MVP and Axiom

Neutron Resistor
Neutron Motion - $16.99
Neutron Servo
Neutron Impulse - $16.99
Neutron Alias
Proton 1776 Inspire - $19.99
Neutron Envy
Neutron Alias - $16.99

Straps and Bags

Third Leg Tripod Stool
Latitude 64 Luxury Backpack - $199.99
Dynamic Discs Ranger Backpack
Dynamic Discs Ranger Backpack - $174.99
Phenix Quad Shok
Dynamic Discs Soldier Bag - $49.99
WeatherGuard Straps, fade gear
Prodigy Tournament Bag - $69.99

Straps and Bags

Third Leg Tripod Stool
Dynamic Discs Bag Straps - $24.99
Dynamic Discs Ranger Backpack
Fade Gear WeatherGuard Straps - $39.99
Phenix Quad Shok
Prodigy Backpack Straps - $24.99
WeatherGuard Straps, fade gear
DGA Gel-Strapz - $39.99

Collectible Discs

2009 Collector Rocs
USDGC Collector Rocs from $39.99
Champion Glo CFR Dominator
Champion Glo CFR Dominator - $17.99
Champion Glo CFR Leopard
Champion Glo CFR Leopard - $19.99
Champion Glo Roc3
Champion Glo Roc3 - $19.99

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