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Main >>> Product List >>> Disc Golf >>> Legacy Discs >>> Legacy Discs DG Accessories >>> Rapid Dry T-Shirt (Rapid Dry T-Shirt)   1 seconds

Details on this Item

Plastics Qty From
Rapid Dry T-Shirt 3   $19.99

Stamps Qty From
Legacy Discs Logo (Front) and Play with Confidence (Back) 3   $19.99

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Rapid Dry T-Shirt 3  

Rapid Dry T-Shirt


Legacy Discs DG Accessories


Rapid Dry T-Shirt

, Legacy Discs Logo (Front) and Play with Confidence (Back))
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Sweet looking Rapid Dry T-Shirt with the Legacy Logo and Motto. This quality T-Shirt is made from a moisture-wicking fabric that allows the shirt to evaporate moisture quickly, for a more comfortable feel on the course or off. Stay cool and dry in one of these!...  (more)
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