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4 products found matching "Fade".
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Image Name
Style Stock $ From
Fade Crunch Box (10-12) (Crunch, Water Resistant Nylon)
Fade Crunch Box (10-12)
    Disc Golf
    Bags & Straps
    Fade Gear
Crunch 20+ $34.99

The FADE Crunch Box is a fine-looking, durable, 10-12 disc bag for everyday play in a bunch of colors. Notice the side pockets.We raised them up, away from the bag bottom so they don't drag on the ground and wear around the e...  (more)
Fade Lite (10-12) (Lite, Water Resistant Nylon)
Fade Lite (10-12)
    Disc Golf
    Bags & Straps
    Fade Gear
Lite 20+ $14.99

The FADE Lite is a GREAT starter bag. If you're on a light budget or if you just know someone who wants to play occasionally, this is the bag. We call it FADE Lite because is weighs just 11 ounces but is built tough. It is al...  (more)
Fade Tourney Bag (17-22) (Tourney, Water Resistant Nylon)
Fade Tourney Bag (17-22)
    Disc Golf
    Bags & Straps
    Fade Gear
Tourney 9 $54.99

This FADE Gear bag is a generous, TOURNAMENT-sized bag and perfect for everyday use as well. The bag is designed strong and sturdy. It is available in some wild colors, after all, black can just get so boring (but it is cool ...  (more)
WeatherGuard Straps (Straps, Water Resistant Nylon)
WeatherGuard Straps
    Disc Golf
    Bags & Straps
    Fade Gear
Straps 20+ $34.99

FADE Gear offers a solution for fair weather and rainy climes. These suspenders, straps, harness, whatever... will hold your tournament-sized bag comfortably with plenty of adjustment AND, if it rains, just pull out the handy...  (more)
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