$12 Valid only in the contiguous U.S.

Golden Retriever


(Steel Retriever)


This compact device is designed to retrieve golf discs from the bottom of water hazards. It only takes a few seconds and is extremely easy to operate. The Golden Retriever is small enough to fit in any disc bag or back pocket.

Simply tug on the Golden Retriever's throw rope to unfold it.

Then toss it beyond the golf disc and pull across to retrieve.

As it skims across the bottom of the hazard, it will scoop and retain the disc.

Golden Retriever Advantages:

Let it cost you a stroke, not a disc!

Don't fear the water.

Comes with 50 ft. of rope (15 ft and 35 ft lengths)

Speeds up play.

Keeps feet and clothes dry.

Pays for itself quickly.

It's compact and light-weight.

Sturdy steel construction

Durable powder coat finish.

Teflon bearings for reduced friction.

Made in U.S.A.



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