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Yeti Pro Aviar


Plastic: Pro

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Best Choice for: Long life putter, short to medium drives, accuracy approaches, windy day putting, sidearm rollers, wooded and rocky courses.

About the Yeti Pro Aviar: The Yeti Pro Aviar is for big bead Aviar lovers looking for a straight flying putter. The Yeti is somewhere between DX and R-Pro in both grip and firmness. The unique, slightly concave, top allows for a lower profile and a straighter flight than our other big bead Aviars (KC Pro, JK Pro and Big Bead Driver). The grippy, firm plastic will feel good in cold or hot weather. The concave top reduces the tendency for putts to glide out if they catch a wind. For beginners, the Yeti will go straight and finish with some fade. For skilled players, the Yeti will fly straight and land straight. For power players, the Yeti will turn over slightly and glide. Adding a little hyzer angle on release will give a longer straight flight for power players.

About Pro Plastic

INNOVA'S Pro Line is manufactured using a special blend of plastics and are designed to provide unique qualities for each available model. These quality discs offer increased durability over discs made in DX plastic and provide an enhanced grip when compared to the Champion plastic. The Pro Line of discs provide additional glide and are more affordable than our premium discs. The special blends of the Pro Line plastic can produce discs in a wide range of rigidity, from the extremely soft and flexible Pro Rhyno or JK Aviar to the stiff, firm plastic of the KC Pro Aviar. Regardless of the firmness of the disc, all of the INNOVA Pro Line models offer unique gripablity.


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High Speed Stability0
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21.20 cm

Other Details

Stamp5x World Putting Champion Jay (Yeti) Reading
Skill Level1.0
Floats in WaterNo
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Yeti Pro Aviar
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