$12 Valid only in the contiguous U.S.

ProPull Disc Speed Trainer


(Resistance Band Speed Trainer, Standard)


ProPull says this about the ProPull Disc Speed Trainer:

By grabbing our ProPull Disc exactly as you would on the course as you go through the workouts you will train your body to increase acceleration in the exact angles and positions related to your throwing motion. Whatever your current form is, use the ProPull to work on your acceleration from the reach back through release and you will get 7-8 more feet of distance than you have now, for every 1 MPH of increased disc speed.

System includes:

Specially Designed ProPull Training Disc

5lb Resistance Band

8lb Resistance Band

Tree Strap for outside use

Door Anchor for inside use

Safety Strap

13' X 11' Durable ProPull Bag

All connectors