$12 Valid only in the contiguous U.S.

Kneesaver Mini




Sometimes your disc lands in some nasty stuff. When you've got to get down a knee to make a shot, the Kneesaver kneepad will protect your patella from the horrors of nature: thorns, rocks, wetness. Designed specifically for the Innova mini marker, the Kneesaver's low profile, lightweight, waterproof pad design stores snugly within the mini in your pocket so it is available anytime you need it. You can remove the Kneesaver pad which allows you to mark your lie and kneel on the pad behind your marker. Features:

Low profile (fits snug in mini in pocket)

Light weight (minimal weight)


Removable (separate from mini marker to use both at the same time)

Tip: For easy removal bend mini away from pad using thumb in center of mini marker.

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